October 9, 2007

Art materials 02

Eckerleys workshop-Working with mediums 21-09-2007

Fluid gloss medium is a more fluid version of gel medium. Good for glazing.
Price: $21

Iridescent white
Coat canvas with Iridescent white. Make your colours more luminous.

To make colours look deeper use gloss varnish on a painting.
Oil paint is a flexible medium. They do not like canvas put prefer a hard board or wood surface.

Heavy structure gel dries clear. Use it in layers.
Gels are also glues. They can be used to paste anything to your artwork.

Always use synaptic brushes when painting with acrylics. Galerie is a good brand

Mix your structure gel with coloured acrylic paint. Paint on to aclete.
When dry you can peel it off and paste it onto your artwork.

Try original liquin and liquin impasto

Starter palette
Cad red med, perm rose, Windsor yellow. Cad yellow, French ultramarine,

Japanese deleter nib G-pen 220 $5.85
Stabile sensor fine liner at deans art $3.95

MDF at bunnings
MDF standard panel. 900mm x 450mm x 12mm is $6.90
MDF standard panel. 900mm x 600mm x 6mm is $7.04
Particle board 900mm x 300mm x 12mm is $3

Digital skin colour C01 M11 Y25 K0

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