October 31, 2008

FRAMED #09 – Creating Screen Characters: From Fiction to Docos

This week i attended the Framed talk – Creating Screen Characters: From Fiction to Docos at Digital Harbour

what makes a good character?

create detail in your character.
character who are failures are more interesting e.g. Sea Change
what is your characters weakness - that is more interesting.
Oz drama often takes a complex character and divides those traits up between several characters.

ABC's Australian story - shows everyone as a success.
Doco film maker proposed a film about multicultural football team. The team lost against the Italians and others.
The commissioning editor didn't want a film about losers.

A character carries on an internal monologue with himself - rats in the ranks
Film maker Robert connelley calls this Self-Rhetoric.
You want to convey the story - what are the best characters to do that.

writing the treatment forces you to focus on what the documentary is about.
don't bore your audience
a doco is the relationship between you and your subject.
we are full of contradictions - as a doco filmmaker you must reveal that.

On Wednesday 29 Oct I attended life drawing at Jika Jika Community Centre close to Westgarth station.

Attened opening of Under $500 exhibition at Art Associates in Richmond. My painting "The Betrayal" is part of this show.

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