November 10, 2008

Coloring lineart using flats

colouring lineart

1. open your rgb scan
2. select the blue channel and duplicate it and name it "lineart"
3. clean up the lineart channel with levels/use threshold to make it b/w

4. in layers palate fill background layer with white
5. make a new transparent layer and name it "colour"
6. start making selections on the colour layer and fill them

7. once you have all the major parts filled copy this layer and paste it in to a new channel
8. name this channel flats.

9. On the colour layer slected an area
10. choose gradient with foreground to transparent (multipy mode).
make sure the foreground colour is the same as colour as the area you are colouring
11. drag over selected area - it will become darker
12. choose airbrush with screen mode 40% opacity
13. start painting to lighten the area
14. if you make a mistake select area from the flats channel and start again

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