April 11, 2009

Art School Angst


Here's an interesting post about how art is disappearing from art and animation courses.

Some of the comments are also quite though provoking.

  • To the boomers, 3D is this sexy new thing, it's The Jetsons finally arriving. To my generation (born in 84), we have grown up during the rise of 3d and it's not really a huge deal to us. We can pretty much take or leave it (and most have left it). In fact, the majority of 3D fare is produced for 8-year-olds, who don't know the difference anyway! But the boomers are still reeling from this sexy new invention, and I think they're the ones insisting that it's going to be The Future.

  • It's all about learning programs and then you're out the door! Where, may I ask, is the art?

  • Last time I looked at the job listings, Pixar requires 2D experience to apply for an animation job, no 3D experience necessary.

  • Their practice (the colleges) to accept anyone that can come up with the money to pay the tuition (regardless of their abilities).

  • Any school can teach it. Well, not really, but that's what a lot of schools believe. They can get a computer lab, some educational licenses and someone who knows how to use the program, and then they can teach. Lots of people are surprisingly enough willing to believe that if you can create a simple 3D model, it's good work. Try to do a drawing of a cellphone and get to teach 2D animation. Hah! You wouldn't be put in the faculty, you'd be put in the first year of lifedrawing class. Well, with 3D, you WOULD be put in the faculty.

  • My brother in law just graduated from one of those fancy CG animation schools, and he sends his reel to PIXAR and they reject him. So he calls, asking me why he didn't get the job there. And I ask him who else he submitted his reel to? "No one." So I look at the reel and I see photoshop polish, afterefx tricks, but no drawing ability. I don't wanna crush him, so I tell him ALL the guys I know at pixar can draw. And paint. And design. And board. They're well rounded classical artists. He says, "I can do that stuff." He thinks manipulating photoshop and laying a texture on a model makes him an artist, but he won't take drawing classes because he says "I got my own style." Yeah, I call it the "I-don't-know-how-to-draw-so-I-ape-that-anime-crap" style. Sigh. This is why there's so much bad stuff out there.

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