April 13, 2009

Preparing your sketch for inking

Here are two tips on preparing your sketch for inking.


  • Create your drawing with a blue col-erase or grey lead pencil on paper.

  • Scan it at 300 dpi and make it into 100% CYAN image (see below Tip 2)

  • Print it out on an inkjet (or whatever colour printer you have) using good Bristol paper (Strathmore etc). Now you can ink on top of the print out. You can pencil as well and erase if needed, leaving an un-erasable non photo blue image beneath.

  • Once inked scan it in at black/white bitmap mode. The blue lines will not scan.

making an image 100% CYAN image.

  • Open the the grayscale image.

  • Go to layers palette - select all, copy and delete the image.

  • Convert mode to CMYK

  • In the channels palette highlight the Cyan channel and paste. The image will now appear in this channel.

  • Click on the top channel (CMYK) and you should have a 100% cyan image

Furthermore: (from gobukan.blogspot.com)
I scan the grey line art on the GRAYSCALE setting. My scanning sometimes doesn't pick up really light lines and I found that if there is something solid black on the scanner with my drawing more lines are "read". My solution - a post-it note with "SCAN!" written in thick black marker. I stick it on pencil drawings and they scans perfect every time. Just remember to delete the post-it in Photoshop.

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