April 13, 2009

Writing for Comics

I have been reading the excellent Writing for Comics by Peter David.
Just jotted a few things down which stood out while i was reading it. Hope some of this makes sense.

Developing a character

Give your character traits. Down to earth traits often makes a character memorable.
e.g: Hulk has a fondness for baked beans.

Call attention to traits. If your character has a trait get other characters to draw attention to it.
e.g: The Thing always going on about how verbose Reed Richards is.

Your hero
Give your character a family background/history.
Your character must be in opposition to something. That opposition must not be a push over. heroes must over come some personal weakness.
Writing about what you know means writing about stakes that are personal to you.

Your villain
It is often the villain that drives the plot.
What is the villains motivation?
Create a sympathetic villain.

The 3 basic conflicts
Man vs Himself
Man vs Man
Man vs Nature

Come up with 3 conflicts
Man vs Himself
A hero struggles with an addiction
A hero has agoraphobia and cant set foot outside

Man vs Man
A couple going through a divorce.
A man who finds his long lost brothers is a bent on world domination.

Man vs Nature
A hurricane is bearing down on a small town

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