June 9, 2009

Digital zip-tone

Here's the process for adding digital zip-tone to your linework.

1) Scan my lineart drawing at 600 DPI grayscale.
2) Play with the levels to make the ink look black and the paper look white. change the image size to the final printed size.
3) Convert the file to 1200 DPI bitmap, with the setting to 50% threshold. You do this because you ultimately want your lineart to be totally crisp and not halftoned.
4) Convert the file back to grayscale leaving it at 1200 DPI.
5) Go through and add the gray tones with a 20% K. You could do it darker if you wanted more dense dots. (no need to do it on a separate layer, just use the paint bucket or a brush set to 'darken' or whatever. All you should have a white pixels, black pixels, and the gray tone pixels)
6) Convert it to back to 1200 DPI bitmap, with the 'haftone screen' settings set like this. frequency 45 angle 30 degrees.

The main thing is that your art is thresholded before you start adding grays. Otherwise when you go to turn the whole thing to halftone your art will get a tiny bit fuzzy around the edges.

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