October 5, 2009

Concept Development

Concept Development
Art and Story have started a series of podcasts entitled "Your comic from the ground up".In part one they talked about the early stages of concept development.

Check it out here.

Here are some notes i took while listening to it.

At this early stage Don't think about Form. Its irrelevant whether this is going to be a comic, web comic, film or TV show. Your only concern is the general concept. what is it about?

You can begin either of two ways
A. start with a character (e.g: an interesting person you have met)
B. start with a concept (e.g: Indian Jones in space)

A character is governed by 2 things. Aspirations and Fear
what does your character aspire too and what do they fear.

Aspire: what are their goals/ what do they want.

Although your character must have a goal he doesn't have to reach or obtain that goal.

what is your characters flaw. How do you express that flaw in your story.
flaws makes your character likable and relatable.
Challenge your character by taking him out of his comfort zone.
e.g: If your character suffers from agoraphobia place him in wide open spaces.

If you know your theme you can judge each scene by asking yourself.
Does this scene reflect my theme?

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