October 18, 2009

David Wright

David Wright 1912-1967
Born December 12th 1912, in London, Wright left school at the age of 13 and eventually went to work at the studio of his uncle who was an artist for the Graphic. After working for some years as a fashion illustrator for various women’s weeklies, Wright was commissioned in January 1941 to produce a series of illustrations for The Sketch, eventually producing 169 prints and one cover.

David Wright’s “lovelies”, depicting glamorous ladies wearing sheer clothing, or in various states of undress, were modelled on his wife Esme, and proved to be an enormous success, establishing Wright as the most prominent pin-up artist of the World War II period. His career as a driving instructor for the RAF in Wales during this time, allowed him to continue with his illustrations, which were considered morale-boosting for the troops.

When his Sketch contract came to an end, he continued to produce illustrations for other titles such as Men Only, Playboy and Esquire. In addition to this, his collaboration with Kenneth Inns on the strip cartoon, “Carol Day”, was a popular feature of the Daily Mail during the 1950’s and 60’s.
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