November 22, 2009

Moon Zero Two

The great looking spacesuits

The moon transport vehicle, The Bug

Moon Zero Two (Hammer films 1969)
Last night channel GO screened the 1969 Hammer movie "Moon Zero Two"
The last time I saw this dull but strangely fascinating space western was on an ITV movie matinee slot 25 years ago.

It hasn't improved with age but it does have two redeeming features. The costume/production design and Catherine Schell (who later played Maya in space 1999). Three redeeming features if you count Bernard Bresslaw!

To say that this film is "very 60s looking" is a slight understatement. Lots of colourful shiny plastic, tight jump suits, go go dancers, bars that serve drinks called Moon Flower and extras looking like they are waiting around for Gerry Anderson to create UFO.

Yet as you chuckle and smirk your way through the movie you gradually begin to realise that those space suits don't look half bad especially when Catherine Schell is wearing one. Then a moon transport vehicle appears (the moon bug) looking like an metal hot dog on donut wheels and your opinion of this movie totally turns around. you are besotted! Moon Zero Two is pure genius. Forget about the nonsense Stanley Kubrick made. Moon Zero Two is the genuine article!

The presence of Bernard Bresslaw is slightly disconcerting. why? because you imagine at minute the merry Carry On team are going to crash the moonbase. In fact it would of made for a more interesting movie. I don't think there was a Carry On up the moon or a Carry On in space. Just imagine. Barbara Winsdor and Joan Sims in those space suits, Sid and Bernard up to some mischief and Kenneth Williams as some snooty moon official.

Heres a website that goes into some detail about the movie with photos of the wonderful moon bug and spacesuits and an interview with the writer.

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