March 7, 2010

Continental Film Review

Continental Film Review
UK-based ''international'' film magazine which purported to be a somewhat serious film journal devoted to foreign films, but which in its later years focused rather more on pruriently on the scantily-clad and often nude young actresses which peopled films of the era. (

Some very nice cover scans:

Article from the magazine about the Christina Lindberg movie Sex At The Olympics:


Nigel M said...

I think I have both those issues, certainly have the bottom one- the top I know i did make an offer on.

great magazine and even though i didnt instantly warm to the house writing style when I got into it I loved it. It has had an influence on me and I am aware how CFR style creeps into my writing as does another that was of influence- the psychotronic video guide, indeed my blog name is a homage to that delightfully sexy film magazine.

Nigel M said...

yeah I got the other one too, thought so- reminds me, may see if I can pick up a few more of these off ebay

Eddy said...

Thanks Nigel,
I have seen quite a few on ebay mostly in the US. I tried to find the one by brother had today but no luck.
It must of been thrown out years ago. I am pretty sure it was the same magazine. I remember most of the photos were in sepia and i think it had an article on the Night Porter.
when i was in London in 1995 i came across a great 2nd hand magazine store in Piccadilly circus.
They had lots cinema magazines of this era in the basement.


Nigel M said...

get some good prices on these too on ebay- I think I have been getting them for as little as $1.50 usd. But have paid up to about $15 for some issues. There is no real depth to the writing in the mag but it has a wonderful style, but does take a bit of getting into at first as it is unlike the film magazines today and comes across a bit literary and philosophical.

I love it cos it contextualises my taste in film - and is a bit of original promotional work.

The pages are black and white (with some colour on cover only) and I suppose it would take on a slightly sepia tone with age.

There was also a one off Italian Film Special produced by CFR that run into 70 or so pages and I have been trying to track one of those down, sadly with no success.

Eddy said...

hi Nigel, wow that Italian special would be a intersting.

btw, i have scanned another TV Times magazine. This time from July 28 1979.

check it out here


Nigel M said...

ah another load of sweet memories- world of sport! now sadly long gone but was the highlight of the saturday, especially for the wrestling

and emmerdale farm still running as emmerdale (now has patrick mower from tinto brass's Monella in it)- they dropped the word farm from title so it is a less farming oriented soap opera :)