March 21, 2010

Ron English

Ron English

I recently listened to an excellent interview with Ron English on Escape from illustration island. Ron had some wise words creating good work and being original.

"Do something that you really want to do because you kinda get stuck doing it.

If you go around thinking what do people want and try to satisfy people you are going to make yourself into a hack.

But if you make what you want to make and let people catch up to it then in the long run you are going to have a better time of it. Instead of thinking "oh everybody likes this certain thing because i see them buying that so i will make an imitation of that" Then you are just the rear guard.

Look around and say "whats not there that i would love to see" Then make that. Now you are ahead of the game.

Make people see what you see, not want you think they want to see"

You can listen to the whole interview here

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