May 14, 2010

The Two Who Stole the Moon

Child stars Lech and Jaroslaw Kaczynski in the 1962 film The Two Who Stole the Moon (Above).

Around the late 1970's BBC TV screened a folk tale about two boys who wanted to steal the moon. Over the years i had forgotten the title and the story though one scene has stayed in my mind - the two boys looking at the moon and eating their slippers.

Recently President of Poland Lech Kaczyński died tragically in a plane crash. On the news report they mentioned he and his twin brother were child actors and showed a photo of two blond boys who look suspiciously like the boys in that movie.
As it turned out the twins Lech and Jaros (were who grew up to lead Poland as President and PM respectively) were those two boys and that 1962 children's movie was called The Two Who Stole the Moon. It was based on Kornel Makuszyński's 1928 story The Two Who Stole the Moon.

The two twins, Jacek and Placek, start out as cruel and lazy boys whose main interest is eating—eating anything, including chalk and a sponge in school. One day they have the idea of stealing the moon - after all, it is made of gold. "If we steal the moon, we would not have to work""But we do not work now, either...""But then we would not have to work at all". After a few small adventures they manage to steal the moon. Immediately a gang of robbers notices them and captures them. They regain their freedom, and one of the twins devises a plan to enter the "City of Gold". The plan works, but when the robbers try to collect the gold, they turn into gold themselves. The twins escape, run home and promise to help their parents with their work as farmers.



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