August 25, 2010

Podcast notes

Here are some notes i took while listening to a few podcasts.

Diane Ponce - illustrator
Interviewed on EFII
Podcast here:

Diane spoke about style and presenting different styles in your portfolio

  • Although she works in different styles they are not radically different.
  • Voice comes through in all the styles.
  • Find your style first.
  • Having varied styles makes it easier to adapt.
  • Segment your portfolio if you work in various style. If you have everything jumbled together it can confuse the client.

What is lifestyle illustration?
  • It's an extensions of fashion illustration.
  • Rather than just focusing on clothes it expands to their lifestyle, shows the environment, things they use, town they live in. tells a story.
  • Its an idealised version of how people want to look be seen and live.
  • This is the kind of life you can aspire to.

Rosh Sillars Photographer
Interviewed on Adbase
Podcast here:

Rosh spoke about using social media.

  • His main thing is his blog.
  • Don't expect to get business with Twitter or any social networking tool. (If you get work that's a bonus).
  • All these networking tools complement each other.
  • It's not a substitute for meeting real people.
  • There are 2 types of marketing. 1. hard sell or adverts. 2. being part of a community.

Daniel Tardent on SEO for artists
Interviewed by Tara Reed
Podcast here:


The 3 fundamentals of SEO
  1. Keywords
  2. Structure of website
  3. Incoming links from other sites
  • If there are many sites that link to your site then your ranking goes up.
  • Title of the page is the most important. robots like googlebot look at that first.
  • Use keywords that describe your work well and ones which people use.
  • Research keywords by using google adwords site
  • As an artist you need to show consistently of style in your work.
  • If you have very different style then make multiple websites

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