September 11, 2007

Windows XP tips

to change progs running at start up

2.start>run>sfc/ scannow
to scan windows files

3. outlook express folders are in
C:\Documents and Settings\EDWARD CROSBY\Local Settings\Application Data\Identities\{B6F7B652-85AE-4879-B331-C9C8C5DE0F64}\Microsoft\Outlook Express

4. to create a shortcut, right click>submenu>shortcut
new shortcut wizard opens
then navigate to folder

5. to create email shortcut

to put a message in body
right click on shortcut and get properties
write is some interesting news for australia. please tell your friends about it

6. to open more than 1 program at same time
hold down shift key when going to start menu

7. to arrange multi windows side by side
right click on docu in taskbar and chose tile vertivally

8. to change colour of windows text
display properties> advanced
choose window from drop down menu

9. alt printscreen to take a screenshot of active window

C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Start Menu
C:\Documents and Settings\EDWARD CROSBY\Start Menu
C:\Documents and Settings\EDWARD CROSBY\Start Menu\Programs
C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Start Menu\Programs

shortcuts for all programs go here
C:\Documents and Settings\EDWARD CROSBY\Start Menu

11. to customise start menu

12. to adjust virtual memory
control panel>system>advanced tab

13. locate folder you want to copy
rightclick and copy
rightclick start button and explore
you are a taken to "send" to folder
copy shortcut in to send to folder

14. Run command>type
Indexing Service

14. Run command>cmd