October 30, 2009

Exploitation movie posters

Gallery of exploitation movie posters (large size images)

October 29, 2009


In 1964, Clouzot set out to film the story of a man suffering the agonies of paranoid jealousy over his young wife (Romy Schneider). Clouzot spent months shooting screen tests and experimenting with the hallucinatory effects, but the film was shut down three weeks into production. Now, thanks to interviews with the original crew and using Clouzot’s test footage, we have a chance to witness what might have been.
From ICA


October 28, 2009

Thordis Brandt

Sixites glamazon Thordis Brandt appeared in The Man from Uncle movie, The Helicopter spies, The Swinger (1966), Spinout (1966), Nevada Smith (1966), In Like Flint (1967), Funny Girl (1968), The Witchmaker (1969) and Myra Breckinridge (1970).


Tony Smibert

Tony Smibert
Tony Smibert is an Australian watercolourist who paints fulltime in Tasmania.
I first saw the work of Tony Smibert in Australian Artist magazine and later saw one of his tutorial videos "The Watercolour Apprentice" If you can get a copy I highly recommend it. He teaches the basics so simply and clearly. A remarkable artist.

October 25, 2009

Roxy Music Country Life

Roxy Music, Country Life
The ladies are Eveline Grunwald (left) and Constanze Karoli.

October 18, 2009

David Wright

David Wright 1912-1967
Born December 12th 1912, in London, Wright left school at the age of 13 and eventually went to work at the studio of his uncle who was an artist for the Graphic. After working for some years as a fashion illustrator for various women’s weeklies, Wright was commissioned in January 1941 to produce a series of illustrations for The Sketch, eventually producing 169 prints and one cover.

David Wright’s “lovelies”, depicting glamorous ladies wearing sheer clothing, or in various states of undress, were modelled on his wife Esme, and proved to be an enormous success, establishing Wright as the most prominent pin-up artist of the World War II period. His career as a driving instructor for the RAF in Wales during this time, allowed him to continue with his illustrations, which were considered morale-boosting for the troops.

When his Sketch contract came to an end, he continued to produce illustrations for other titles such as Men Only, Playboy and Esquire. In addition to this, his collaboration with Kenneth Inns on the strip cartoon, “Carol Day”, was a popular feature of the Daily Mail during the 1950’s and 60’s.
from ilnpictures.co.uk


October 13, 2009

Helen Levitt

Helen Levitt
Helen Levitt (August 31, 1913 – March 29, 2009) was an American photographer. She was particularly noted for "street photography" around New York City, and has been called "the most celebrated and least known photographer of her time."


Killing (also known Satanik, Kiling, Kilink and Sadistik) is an Italian photo comic series. The character was also the star of several unauthorized films shot in Turkey during the late 1960s and early 70s.
Killing was inspired by several previous characters from French and Italian pulp fiction, including Fantômas, Diabolik, and especially Kriminal. Killing's books, however, were far more violent and sexually explicit than those of his predecessors.

The series is currently being revived by American editor and comics creator Mort Todd, under the new title, Sadistik: The Diabolikal Super-Kriminal. A documentary about the comic has also been made. Check out the trailer here

Other cool Killing links

October 8, 2009

Magda Konopka

I first noticed Magda Konopka in an episode of Jason King. Delighted to find out she has been in quite a few low brow movies such as When Dinosaurs Ruled the Earth (along side other famous pin-ups of the time, Victoria Vetri and Imogen Hassall) and Satanik.

Here she is (far left) with Victoria Vetri (center) and Imogen Hassall in When Dinosaurs Ruled the Earth.

October 7, 2009

La Chinoise

The girls of the Revolution!
Anne Wiazemsky and Juliet Berto in Godard's La Chinoise (1967).

Anne Wiazemsky

Juliet Berto

October 5, 2009

Classic Star Trek

Star Trek episodes (Original series) considered to be the most popular and representative:

The City on the Edge of Forever
Devil in the Dark
Amok Time
Journey to Babel
Shore Leave
The Trouble with Tribbles
The Enemy Within
The Corbomite Maneuver
This Side of Paradise
A Piece of the Action

Concept Development

Concept Development
Art and Story have started a series of podcasts entitled "Your comic from the ground up".In part one they talked about the early stages of concept development.

Check it out here.

Here are some notes i took while listening to it.

At this early stage Don't think about Form. Its irrelevant whether this is going to be a comic, web comic, film or TV show. Your only concern is the general concept. what is it about?

You can begin either of two ways
A. start with a character (e.g: an interesting person you have met)
B. start with a concept (e.g: Indian Jones in space)

A character is governed by 2 things. Aspirations and Fear
what does your character aspire too and what do they fear.

Aspire: what are their goals/ what do they want.

Although your character must have a goal he doesn't have to reach or obtain that goal.

what is your characters flaw. How do you express that flaw in your story.
flaws makes your character likable and relatable.
Challenge your character by taking him out of his comfort zone.
e.g: If your character suffers from agoraphobia place him in wide open spaces.

If you know your theme you can judge each scene by asking yourself.
Does this scene reflect my theme?

October 4, 2009

Tokyo Story

Tokyo Story (1953)

Synapse films

42nd Street Forever 5: Alamo Drafthouse Edition (2009)
Digitally re-mastered in high-definition from the actual trailer reels that show every week at the Alamo (exploitation movie revival house


Mac tips

To clean out Font cache
1. Qut all programs
2. Open Terminal
3. Type atsutil databases -remove
4. press return

To remove applications use the free program AppCleaner

To Safe Boot mode
Hold down Shift key at start up.

To zap Pram
Restart and hold down Cmd-Option P and R keys before chime.

Enter single user mode
Hold down Cmd - S at start up
in command line type /sbin/fsck-fy

Eyvind Earle

Eyvind Earle
Eyvind Earle (April 26, 1916 – July 20, 2000) was an American artist, author and illustrator, noted for his contribution to the background illustration and styling of Disney animated films in the 1950s.

Barbara Payton

Barbara Payton
A Warner Bros. contract player of the early 1950s, Miss Payton had a promising start in motion pictures before taking a free-fall dive into an abyss of degradation and obscurity. Her films include Bride of the Gorilla and Bad Blonde.

October 3, 2009

Shirley Yamaguchi

Shirley Yamaguchi
Shirley was the leading lady in Sam Fuller's House of Bamboo.

Sam Fuller doublebill

Shock Corridor (1963)

House of Bamboo (1955)

Saw this great double bill at ACMI.