October 18, 2007

talks and expo

Friday 12 October 2007 8.30pm
Daniel kitsons show C90 - $33

Sat 13 October 2007
Ameddeggdon expo
Met Bruce timm and Andrea Romano – got sketchbook signed
Went to talks by DC writers/ artists
Also Bruce timm and Andrea Romano talk

Tuesday 16 October 2007
Daniel kitsons talk
Wrote C90 in a heat wave in London.

Laurie Anderson talk 6.00pm
Anecdote about her dog –
NASA artist in residence. They have 5000 year plans. Greening of mars. Space elevator. Moving of manufacturing to mars and moon.
Nasa was disappointed she did a poem.

October 9, 2007

Websites 01


Artists 01

Derek yaniger
Jordi bernets (Clara)
Kevin huizenga (curses)
Fredrick mullally
Dani cavallaro
Bai Lu Ming (Singapore starlet)
Ling ding (Singapore starlet)
Alberto cerritino
Colleen cover (banana Sunday comic)
Roy crane (classic comic book artist)
Darwyn Cooke – comic artist
Guy delisle
Barnaby Richards
Jon foster – similar to James jean
Izak – French fashion illustrator
Josh Howard – comic artist
Gabriele fantuzzi - Delicatessen.it
Akino kondoh
Ryan heath

Pixar artists
Tia w kratter
Bill core
Harley Jessup
Rickey nierva
Greg dykstra

Illustrator annual artists
Keegan wenkman
Sam wber
Paul rogers
Robin eley
1960/70s UK poster artist
Barry james
Sam peffer
Tom beauvais
Tom chantrell

Children’s book illustrators
Jason ford
Miura taro
Martin jarrie
Olle eksell
Steve Purcell

Japanese illustrators
Miyuki morimoto
Range murata
Takani yoshiyuki (model kit cover art)
Yoshioka yoshi

Books 01

Robert crumbs books
Crumb collection 14 and 5 are good.

Talent is not enough
By shel Perkins

The shape of content
By Ben Shahn

The fundlementals of animation
By Paul wells

Cartoon clinic
By Ben cormark

A practical guide to digital design (RMIT)
By pina lewandowsky

Exploring flash 8

British film posters (RMIT)
By sim branaghan

Trash (Ringwood library)
By Jacques boyreau

Beatsville – about low brow art
By martin McIntosh

How to draw crazy cars and mad monsters like a pro
By Taylor and Newton publishers

Design is yourself
By chuck green – 741.6 GRE (Vermont library)

Animating with flash 8 – creative animation techniques
By Alex Michael

Art materials 02

Eckerleys workshop-Working with mediums 21-09-2007

Fluid gloss medium is a more fluid version of gel medium. Good for glazing.
Price: $21

Iridescent white
Coat canvas with Iridescent white. Make your colours more luminous.

To make colours look deeper use gloss varnish on a painting.
Oil paint is a flexible medium. They do not like canvas put prefer a hard board or wood surface.

Heavy structure gel dries clear. Use it in layers.
Gels are also glues. They can be used to paste anything to your artwork.

Always use synaptic brushes when painting with acrylics. Galerie is a good brand

Mix your structure gel with coloured acrylic paint. Paint on to aclete.
When dry you can peel it off and paste it onto your artwork.

Try original liquin and liquin impasto

Starter palette
Cad red med, perm rose, Windsor yellow. Cad yellow, French ultramarine,

Japanese deleter nib G-pen 220 $5.85
Stabile sensor fine liner at deans art $3.95

MDF at bunnings
MDF standard panel. 900mm x 450mm x 12mm is $6.90
MDF standard panel. 900mm x 600mm x 6mm is $7.04
Particle board 900mm x 300mm x 12mm is $3

Digital skin colour C01 M11 Y25 K0

October 6, 2007

art materials 01

Jo Sonja All Purpose Sealer
link to www.artmaterials.com.au

mentioned in best of Draw 2
gillotte 404 pen nibs
cheap nibs are named gillott (without the e)

Raphael #2
windsor and newton kolinsky #2

fountain pentel